Our History

It is with a great deal of pride that the members of the Bayfield Lions Club look back on sixty-five years of accomplishments. One doesn’t have to look too far or too hard to see the part that Lions have played in making Bayfield a better place to live.

Former Lion Dave Gillians, with the help of current and former Lions members and other villagers has captured much of the visible history of the club. The evidence of the purple and gold vests is front and centre in the pictures and words as captured in the pages that follow.

Of equal importance is the more subtle role that the club has made to individuals and families in the community. These are acts of kindness and charity that are completed not for recognition or gratitude but rather because there was a need. Over a period of sixty-five years we can be sure that there are countless examples of Lions offering assistance when families were in need. So our pride in our history comes also from the Lions heart and the knowledge that we have made a difference to many, many people.

We invite you to follow the links on our history pages so you will see ". . that together we will make a difference and that the Lions will always be there!"